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Last year our lead designer Michael Russek teamed up with Sungai Watch to help spearhead the creation of their new product design company Sungai Designs. A company dedicated to creating products from river trash. They primarily focus on plastic bags as they are the most frequently collected item and the least sought after (as far as value is concerned).
He spent close to 8 months coming up with a furniture collection comprised of 10 pieces exclusively for them. This was quite the challenge as the only real recycled plastic furniture on the market is unattractive, uncomfortable and time consuming to assemble.
Looking at all three factors he began a quest to come up with a sexy, comfortable and easy to assemble furniture line. Working for over 4 years with this material he knew its limitations and its abilities, its weaknesses and its strengths…all of this gave him an advantage to design with it.
He starts with miniature laser cut models as a proof of concept and then full size prototypes in plywood (as the recycled plastic also comes in flat sheet stock ) to eventually prototypes in the final materials.
This first chair design is made from an impressive 2000 bags cleaned up from rivers by Sungai Watch.
After a year of having to keep quiet about it we are beyond proud to finally show the first pieces of his collection as Sungai Designs is now officially launched!
We currently working on a new collection and open to collaborating with other recycled plastic sheet producers.

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