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Welcome to Merkaba Designs, where we embrace conscious philosophies to transform innovative ideas into tangible realities. We are dedicated to crafting optimal, efficient, and effective solutions for design, product design, and custom fabrication. Our approach is grounded in conscious principles that elevate each project, ensuring that not only aesthetics but also sustainability and functionality are seamlessly woven into our creations. From custom furniture and immersive installations to DJ booths, POP displays, branding, concept design, product prototyping to full production manufacturing. Our team is committed to transcending concepts into impactful experiences. Explore the synergy between consciousness and creativity as we bring your visions to life, one remarkable creation at a time. Please take the time to visit our portfolio page and see the broad range of capabilities we can offer.

Founded by American designer Michael Russek, who has over 25 years of custom fabrication experience. Michael has created numerous design facilities over the years and worked with various big name clients world wide. Merkaba Designs is his most recent creation located in Bali, Indonesia with a primary focus on sustainable design.

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